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18 Sep 2006 | National Publication | Case study | 7 comments
A Presentation Case Study
Terry Robinson is 73, owns a $2.6 million Individual Retirement Account, and has already maximized his deductible charitable contributions for the year. In this presentation case study, Terry takes advantage of the charitable IRA rollover rules to increase his gifts to...
9 May 2005 | Privately Held Business Interests | National Publication | Case study | 7 comments
The majority of U.S. wealth is held in the form of family-owned businesses. This case study compares the tax and cash flow economics of selling a C-corporation by two common methods -- stock sale and asset sale followed by liquidation -- and then illustrates how these...
26 Apr 2005 | Outright Gift | National Publication | Case study | 4 comments

When considering making a charitable gift, most people think in terms of donating of cash, securities, or other property. However, a gift of the "use of" real or tangible property can be just as valuable to the charitable donee.

The majority of U.S. wealth is held in the form of closely-held and illiquid business operations. Just like individuals, such entities often own highly appreciated capital assets and desire to make charitable gifts. This case study illustrates how a C-corporation can...
23 Feb 2005 | Charitable Remainder Trust | National Publication | Case study | 3 comments
Although well intentioned, not every planned gift turns out as planned. In this case study, Vaughn W. Henry illustrates what can go wrong when an inexperienced planner uses the wrong planning vehicle in a declining investment market.
7 Feb 2005 | Outright Gift | National Publication | Case study | 5 comments

When most people are asked to make a charitable gift, they reach for their checkbook. Why? Because giving cash is simple and convenient. For small gifts, giving cash certainly makes sense; but when the donation gets larger, you should consider giving appreciated...

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