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Series Mission: To Bring Awareness to Professionals and Families about the Transformational Effect of Philanthropy on the Family Unit
In this third installment from  Families and the Transformative Power of Philanthropy , Gary Shunk of Family Wealth Dynamics and Randy Fox of Two Hawks Consulting, LLC continue their exploration of the potential of employing philanthropy to bring about...
Eric Friedman is an individual donor who has spent several years trying to understand how to maximize the impact of his giving, including traveling to Africa to see his giving in action. He is an actuary and graduated from Stanford University with majors in...
Parables for Radically Rethinking Your Philanthropy
In Part 3 of his series, Steven Meyers examines the idea of identifying the perfect gift in the context of each of the four donor identities. by Steven L. Meyers, Ph.D. Personalized Philanthropy and the Grail of Fundraising for the Four Donors...
Parables for Radically Rethinking Your Philanthropy
In Part 5 of his 6 part series, Steve Meyers points out that financial sophistication and savvy don't necessarily mean philanthropic knowledge. How do you empower the new, passionate donor? by Steven L. Meyers, Ph.D. Key Points: Could a...
Before buying a car, any informed buyer, even though he may be a very experienced driver, will insist on a test drive. Trusts are a different story. Even though they may be many times more valuable than a car in economic terms, they just land in our laps or fall on...
In this fascinating article, new author Bruce DeBoskey delves into the issues of family legacy and the inter-generational transfer of values. By Bruce DeBoskey , The DeBoskey Group   Everyone wants to leave a legacy – some proof that they...
A new and very different approach for selecting a trustee presented by Dan Felix. By Daniel P. Felix We get to select people who will act for us when we can’t. We can pick who will care for us if we become disabled.   We can also...
Todd Fithian explores the "values" conversation in this recent interview. The realization that understanding the alignment between family values and family philanthropy is of major importance as we work with donor families. Click here to listen to the audio...
In this interview with Gary Shunk, we discuss the power of forgiveness and how forgiveness allows individuals and families to move forward with their philanthropy and with their lives. Click here to listen to the audio version of this interview. Right...
Thomas Hubler discusses how forgiveness can better your family business and our world. By: Thomas M. Hubler In the flow of life, it is certain that individuals in a family business will anger, offend, or upset another family member. It frequently...
Tom Hubler continues his series on emotions in family business, by focusing on compassion. By: Thomas M. Hubler   Chinese rulers of antiquity knew that compassion brings true inner peace. The Golden Rule, "Do onto others as you would...
A Brief Introduction to Polarity Thinking
Contributing author Dan Felix broaches the new topic of Polarity Thinking and applies it to the trust environment. As you'll see, it will certainly open the eyes of charitable trustees as well. By Daniel P. Felix, JD – © all rights reserved 2015...
4 Jun 2015 | Values-Based | National Publication, Thomas M. Hubler | Article | 2 comments
A family business advisor shares his personal story
Author Tom Hubler continues his exploration of emotions in business, this time examining "Gratitude". By: Thomas M. Hubler Key Takeaways: Achieving a sense of gratitude is not difficult but requires conscious attention....
Closing Thoughts on the Practice of Polarity Thinking in the Trustscape
Dan Felix wraps up his compelling series on Polarity Thinking. By Daniel P. Felix, JD – © all rights reserved 2015 Part 5: CLOSING THOUGHTS ON THE PRACTICE OF POLARITY THINKING IN THE TRUSTSCAPE Polarity is an essential trait of all...
The big tribute to good fortune offers a chance to reflect on the growing divide between the haves and have-nots
Bruce DeBoskey provokes our thinking about Thanksgiving, challenging us to quiet introspection about ourselves and those less fortunate. By: Bruce DeBoskey , Philanthropic Strategist Soon, people across the United States will gather around the...
10 Feb 2016 | Values-Based | National Publication | Article | 5 comments
Josh Patrick advocates for passing on more than the familys financial assets. Profound thinking and advice. By: Josh Patrick, Originally published on AdviceIQ Too often in the world of wealth management, estate planning is about splitting up the...
Bruce DeBoskey continues to explore the link between mission and investment policy. By: Bruce DeBoskey , Philanthropic Strategist   As the world's problems become more complex and urgent, traditional models of philanthropic support are...
Finding the right cause and writing a check is just the beginning. Planned Giving 2.0 takes a long-term holistic approach
As life expectancy continues to increase, planners need to re-think how they plan life income gifts for their donors. Using the mortality tables that the IRS allows may not be enough to keep your donors gift safe. By: Randy Fox and Steven Zeiger...
New author Anthony Glomski makes us aware that there's a new category for giving, that of giving by the tech entrepreneur and that their approaches need to be considered quite differently. By: Anthony Glomski Key Takeaways: Tech...
In this article, author Bruce DeBoskey recommends that the integration of philanthropy into the estate plan should be much more than a financial and tax transaction. In fact, he suggests that the possibility for true family transformation exists with the right...
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Define: Values-Based

Values-based financial and estate planning refers to that component of an individual's financial and estate plan that incorporates the personal values they possess. In the context of charitable gift planning, whereas traditional estate planning desires to minimize wealth transfer taxes and maximize the financial value of assets passing to heirs, values-based planning attempts to maximize the financial, social, and spiritual value of assets: financially, by reducing taxes and increasing cash flow; socially, by earmarking principal to fulfill a social need; and spiritually by knowing the estate-owner has done something with their estate that reflects their own individuality, humanity, and personal values.

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