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7 Mar 2014 | Insurance | National Publication, Two Hawks Consulting, LLC | Technical Report | 1 comments
An Objective Primer for Planned Giving Officers

Life Insurance can be an important asset to charities because if it is structured, funded, and managed properly it is capable of providing a significant amount of liquid wealth that is not correlated to traditional investments or market results.  These policies...

If you missed last week's live webinar presentation on gifts and uses of life insurance in planned giving and how the charitable and professional advisory communities can come together as a team to offer best practices in this area, the program has been recorded and is...
1 Sep 2009 | Insurance | National Publication | News story | 4 comments
According to a report in the Des Moines Sunday Register and as further reported in TaxProf Blog, nearly 1,700 contributors to a University of Northern Iowa athletic scholarship fund lost an estimated $6.8 million in accumulated insurance this year...
31 Oct 2008 | Insurance | National Publication | Article | 1 comments
Under the right conditions, sale of a life interest may be a good policy.

Life settlement, in which life insurance policies are sold in a secondary market, has become a major financial market and viable opportunity for policyowners to convert unneeded policies for more than their cash surrender value (CSV), often with favorable tax...

18 Sep 2007 | Insurance | National Publication | Article | 2 comments
The Michigan Appeals Court has affirmed the decision of a lower court in Smallegan v. Kooistra in which it held that a donor's attorney did not commit malpractice because he did not ensure the donor had acquired wealth replacement life insurance prior to the funding of...
9 Feb 2005 | Insurance | National Publication | Article | 9 comments
Earlier this week, Treasury released the Bush Administration's Fiscal 2006 Revenue Proposals which include a provision that, if adopted, would impose a 25% excise tax on distributions from certain investor owned charitable life insurance contracts. In this article from...

Charitable Reverse Split Dollar Life Insurance has been marketed for several years as a vehicle that provides benefits to both charity and donor. In this first contribution to Gift Planner's Digest, noted Charitable Tax Attorney Douglas K. Freeman, J.D., LL.M takes...

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Define: Insurance

Life insurance is a contract between the policy holder and the insurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a sum of money (a "premium") upon the death of the insured person.

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