3 Things You Need To Know About Your Client's Philanthropy

3 Things You Need To Know About Your Client's Philanthropy

Article posted in Planning on 22 September 2017| comments
audience: National Publication, EzCharitable | last updated: 4 October 2017

DOWNLOAD your FREE 56 question Legacy Questionnaire from EzCharitable

When working with your clients on their financial and estate planning, there are a few things you need to find out about their philanthropy, or you are missing a great opportunity to provide them with superior service. They are:

  1. The why - Why are they philanthropic? Use a legacy questionnaire conversation.
  2. The who - What are your client's philanthropic interests (education, health, social, etc.)?
  3. The when – When would they like the charities to receive their gift (immediate, annual, or deferred into the future).

Knowing the above, you can design their plan to incorporate the information to make your presentation and recommendations live for the donor. It will meet their philanthropic goals.

  • Now the how - What is the most tax efficient manner in which they can give or increase their philanthropy? As stated above, the “how” when deciding on a charitable technique should also take into consideration when the donor wants their selected nonprofits to receive the gift, or your recommendations may fall on deaf ears. So ask the question. "When would you like your charity to benefit from your gift? Immediately, annually, or in the future?"  This answer provides you with valuable information for your design.

Why have I selected these four things that matter? If you get the answers on the WHY, the WHO, and the WHEN, you have everything you need to design the HOW and provide the best philanthropic service to your client (other than a balance sheet and other data of course).  And the satisfaction of assisting in the creation of a gift to charity.

You’ll expand your income, practice, and reputation in your community.

To get the answers to the WHY, WHO, and WHEN, we've provided you with a list of 56 different questions you can selectively ask your clients to find the answers to their philanthropic and family goals. Now you can get the conversation moving more easily. It's a whole lot more effective than "You don't want to give to charity, do you?" I've heard that many times over the years.

Download Questionnaire directly below.

DOWNLOAD your FREE 56 question Legacy Questionnaire from EzCharitable


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