The Lovell Fund Awards Grants Totaling $97,655 to Four Nonprofit Organizations

The Lovell Fund Awards Grants Totaling $97,655 to Four Nonprofit Organizations

Group News posted in on 14 July 2017| comments
audience: Toledo Community Foundation | last updated: 14 July 2017

The David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation Designated Fund ("The Lovell Fund") of Toledo Community Foundation recently awarded grants totaling $97,655 to four area nonprofit organizations.

Through this request for proposals, grants were awarded to the following organizations:
NAMI of Greater Toledo - $30,000 to support the Education program and $5,000 to support the Kidshop program, both of which assist individuals and families affected by a mental health diagnosis.
Thomas M. Wernert Center - $20,000 to expand peer-led advocacy and support for individuals living with mental illness.
A Renewed Mind - $30,800 to support a collaboration between A Renewed Mind, Animal House Glass and Toledo Streets Newspaper that uses art as a means to engage homeless individuals, teach workforce skills and provide linkages to mental health services.
Imagination Station - $11,855 to support Building Confidence, a collaboration with the Zepf Center Teens program that uses STEM learning experiences to build resiliency amongst youth participants.

The mission of The David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation (“The Lovell Foundation”) is to fulfill the wishes of its founders and to share their good fortune through grants to deserving groups and organizations in the communities where its trustees reside. While The Lovell Foundation no longer has trustees that reside in the Toledo area, it has established a fund at the Toledo Community Foundation to honor the legacy of David C. and Lura M. Lovell, specifically in the area of mental health. The Toledo Community Foundation and The Lovell Foundation have partnered together to support programming in Lucas County, Ohio through The David C. and Lura M. Lovell Foundation Designated Fund (“The Lovell Fund”).

The Lovell Fund envisions communities where mental health care is both barrier-and stigma-free as part of a broader approach to Integrative Health and Wellness. The Lovell Fund prioritizes programs that aim to reduce the stigma around living with and seeking services for a mental health issue.

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