Forty-Five Years and Going Strong

Forty-Five Years and Going Strong

Group News posted in on 16 March 2018| comments
audience: Toledo Community Foundation | last updated: 16 March 2018

"Anniversaries are a time when you think back to where you've been; we think about the first donors and the first leaders who really believed in the possibilities for the future," said Keith Burwell, President, Toledo Community Foundation. "Our donors have been incredibly generous in their giving. We've had solid stewardship over our assets and our grantmaking, and we've benefited from thoughtful and sound leadership throughout our 45 years."

The story of our community foundation began in the late 1920’s when representatives of local banks worked together to complete all of the legal work necessary to form a community foundation. In doing so, these individuals envisioned an organization that would one day steward the charitable wishes of many different citizens and perpetually benefit the Toledo area.

Walter E. Terhune, who then owned the local lumber company of Clarke and Terhune, shared that vision and made provisions for the financing that would one day allow Toledo Community Foundation (which existed only on paper) to become an active, vibrant part of the community. Through a trust created before he died, Mr. Terhune left his lumber fortune to support his daughter - Alice Crosby Terhune - during her lifetime. The trust provided that, upon Alice's death, a portion of his estate was to go to Toledo Community Foundation.

Alice Crosby Terhune, who lived in Toledo all her life, passed away in the early 1970s. In 1973, $145,000 from her father's trust—created 45 years earlier—established the Walter E. Terhune Fund, the first grantmaking endowment of Toledo Community Foundation.

During that first year, $1,425 in grants were made to support local charitable projects. From this initial gift, your community foundation has grown and flourished to what it is today.

Since 1973, generous donors have created more than 950 funds; today, the current funds have a combined market value of approximately $291 million. Cumulative grants to support charitable projects over 44 years have totaled more than $220 million.

We have the privilege every day of partnering with donors to leave a lasting impression for our communities. We work to match donor passion with purpose to achieve positive community impact today, and for generations to come.

The Toledo School for the Arts is just one of the hundreds of organizations that have benefited from our work.

“Funding from TCF has allowed us to stay true to our mission and strengthen it in many ways,” said Dave Gierke, Development Director, Toledo School for the Arts. “TCF’s support has been crucial in growing and improving innovative programs. A couple of grants we have received from the Foundation went to the core of TSA’s existence: integrating arts into academic subject matter. Other grants from TCF helped TSA move a part-time diversity position to a full-time staff position, which has strengthened the diversity within the school and in our work with organizations within the community. A TCF workshop on social enterprise has helped TSA become a leader in social enterprise and workforce development in education. We are being used as a resource for social enterprise by schools around the country.”

“TCF has been one of the best advisors and friends we could ask for,” Dave added. “The staff meets with us every time we request advice. We have been able to build multiple endowment opportunities and scholarships under their assistance. As a relatively new nonprofit we have put together practices and plans that should help sustain the school into the future.”

The Toledo Community Foundation’s grant for a volunteer program at Imagination Station not only got the program off the ground, it’s been steadily gaining momentum.

“The Foundation recognized volunteers were essential to the Imagination Station, particularly as a smaller organization,” said Lori Hauser, chief executive officer of Imagination Station. “Every quarter we continue to see great growth in our program.”

“Toledo Community Foundation has really been an outstanding partner,” she said. “Their team is so engaged and knowledgeable. The reach of their efforts extends far beyond northwest Ohio.”

“We thank those that have given in the past, are giving currently, or might give in the future,” said Keith. “We are looking forward with great optimism to the future.”

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