Dennis Walsh, CPA

Dennis Walsh, CPA serves as a volunteer consultant to religious workers and exempt organizations, focusing on financial management, legal compliance, and organizational development. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, he completed the Duke University certificate program in nonprofit management and is a member of the North Carolina Association of CPAs and the American Institute of CPAs.

Dennis Walsh, CPA Features

    posted on 27 Nov 2018 | Article
    By Dennis Walsh, CPA It’s crunch time again for development teams scrambling with solicitations and the production of donor events as we enter peak giving season. It’s also a good time to review...
    posted on 21 Aug 2018 | Article
    Private operating foundations are a little understood and under utilized planning tool. Dennis Walsh provides great insight and useful information.  
    posted on 19 Jul 2018 | Article | 4 comments
    IRA charitable rollovers are now a permanent part of the tax law. There is at least one little known caveat that you must be aware of in order to protect your clients and donors from adverse...
    posted on 9 Feb 2018 | Article | 3 comments
    New code section 199A is confusing and complex and offers many planning opportunities once it is understood. Dennis Walsh helps clarify with great insight into some of the many considerations we face...
    posted on 16 Jan 2018 | Article
    Among the sweeping reforms passed in the new tax law are dramatic changes to the reporting of Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI). Dennis Walsh clarifies the new rules. Donors and charities be...

Other news from Dennis Walsh, CPA

    posted on 25 Jan 2017 | Article
    Great insight into the reporting responsibilities of charities as well as the advisor's role in analyzing the potential viability of a donor's gift.
    posted on 5 Oct 2016 | Article
    An interesting case teaches us important lessons about gifts with restrictions.
    posted on 20 Jan 2016 | Article
    Dennis Walsh brings us up to date on the status of proposed reporting and accounting requirements for non profits. A must read for all and a call to action to help shape the future of the sector.
    posted on 12 Jan 2016 | Article | 3 comments
    Dennis Walsh analyzes a recent report and findings on the 1023 EZ, and it isn't good news.
    posted on 13 Oct 2015 | Article
    There are more than 1 million nonprofits in the United States, and more than 70% of these entities receive annual support of less than $200,000.  Philanthropic advisors play an important role in...

About Us

Dennis is the author of “Legal & Tax Issues for North Carolina Nonprofits” and has written for various nonprofit publications. He actively volunteers with the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium, the Not-for-Profit Committee of the NCACPA, and for the accounting assistance program of the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits.

Mr. Walsh can be reached at

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