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As we dive into the noncash asset analysis, we first must define the various categories and requirements for assessing them. These charts provide the fundamental guidance.
Richard Fox analyzes and clarifies a recent PLR involving a CRT. There are interesting opportunities to explore subsequent to this ruling.
This series is intended to allow advisors to more easily spot gift opportunities by looking at client data with a new set of eyes. We start with the tax return...
As we dig further in to Bryan Clontz's book, we explore the scope of the opportiunity of non cash assets. So much wealth is concentrated there it makes perfect sense to understand them and how to monetize them effectively.
19 Apr 2017 | National Publication | Article
Help us make a BIG difference while you increase your business

Please join PGDC as we partner with The Financial Awareness Foundation and other leading financial service and nonprofit associations, their professionals and companies, nonprofits, educational institutions, larger employers,...

Examining the risks in making a gift is a relatively silent topic. Bruce DeBoskey explores the subject by analyzing a new study. Interesting and thought provoking territory.

We conclude Mike Stuart's insight into storytelling as a tool for empowering generosity with a real life story of a professional colleague of mine.

21 Mar 2017 | General | National Publication | News story
How to make children into philanthropists tops news from around the web this week.
We continue to write about the re-emergence of the Pooled Income fund. Anybody paying attention?
We dig deeper into understanding how to make the best use of the rich material found in "Charitable Gifts of Non-Cash Assets".

We are pleased to begin our series that will ultimately publish the entire content of Charitable Gifts of Noncash Assets. Noncash assets represent a tremendous opportunity for both advisors and charities but they are, by their very nature, complex. This...

The Thing You Push Against is the Thing That Lifts You Up

Friend, Steve Meyers, once again challenges the status quo with his insights into approaching donors and meeting them where they're at. Steve's article is the first part of a new series we have in mind, following on the groundbreaking work in personalized...

Understanding UPFIMA: Delegation of Management and Investment of Endowment Funds

David Wheeler Newman completes his explanation of the application of the Uniform Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act(UPMIFA). In this second part, he discusses the selection of an agent and the monitoring and supervision of that agent.

23 Feb 2017 | Regulations | National Publication | Article | 1 comments

Attorney Ed Morrow has discovered an interesting anomaly in the tax proposals that could do serious damage to Charitable Remainder Trusts by causing taxable gifts to occur even when the donor is the sole income beneficiary. While it seems unlikely to pass without...


The use of an organization's tax filing, in this case the 990, as a resource for donors is a helpful observation. Passion for the cause should always come first, of course. But making sure the organization can sustain itself is a good next step.


Great insight into the reporting responsibilities of charities as well as the advisor's role in analyzing the potential viability of a donor's gift.

Bruce DeBoskey spots seven important trends that will help shape the future of giving.
5 Jan 2017 | Compliance | National Publication, David Wheeler Newman | Article | 1 comments
David Wheeler Newman presents a cogent summary of the effects of UPMIFA regulations on managing Endowment funds.
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